Let it trickle

Gosh, my first blog post. The pressure is on. Okkk *deep breath…

Soo, as my blog name clearly states-I don’t hold back. I am a regular, twenty something (rude to ask!) girl/woman who aims to tackle all of the shit life throws our way as well as the sunshine (though that is hard to always see in rainy London I must admit). Although, on this freezing November morning, I was sitting on my desk, mini radiator warming my legs, to be suddenly hit (no not by lightening) but an obnoxious ray of sunshine right across my face. I say obnoxious, because mostly when its cold and dreary outside, we like to dwell on it and moan (it’s the best part of being British, after all). And, if anyone dares to be cheery on a day like this, they’re considered a bit touched. But, as I blink and squint at my screen, that sneaky little shot of Vitamin D I injected made me unwittingly think that despite the cold, it had been a pretty good morning in that I had actually come on time to work for once (trust me, that’s extraordinary).

I wouldn’t say I’m a negative person exactly, just that recently I’ve been seeing the glass half empty and not full. There are legit reasons for this of course, but I have been becoming more aware that it has come to the point where I focus so much on the bad of a situation, I don’t allow the good to trickle through. Side point-I love the word trickle, reminds me of ice cream. Oo, this blog post now has a name idea. Anyway, here’s to more trickling, one trickle at a time (Sorry!).

Ps. Please don’t expect every blog post to end with an inspiring message like this one, because if its a random rant it won’t be relevant, and to be frank will just be annoying, for me and you. And my aim isn’t to annoy, it’s to inform, entertain, ramble, PERHAPS inspire along the way. But if you do get annoyed by any of my posts, please feel free to leave a comment. I always welcome hearty debate and discussion.

Until next time! xx


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