Contain Yourself

In this generation of instant sharing, it’s so hard to keep anything to yourself anymore. An exciting piece of news? Instantly broadcasted on WhatsApp. Juicy piece of gossip? Forwarded on to a select few. Advice being sought? A trusted friend is only a phone call away.

You get the gist.

It’s not that I consider the above necessarily wrong or abnormal, hey i do it myself. It’s just that a good friend pointed out recently after I shared something with her, that its interesting that sharing all instantly has now become the default, as easy as sending a SnapChat.

In no way did that mean she didn’t want to support me with the current situation, she was just pointing out a slightly uncomfortable truth.

In a world where releasing emotions is freely encouraged and bottling anything up is frowned upon, (even in Britain!) we have become reliant on sharing instantly, whenever and whichever situation we might be in.

But more and more recently I’ve been there a certain beauty in keeping some things to myself? Do I really need to hit send at that moment? Dare I wait a few minutes..or even a few hours before sharing?

What will happen if I try and give the situation/piece of news constructive time and thought on my own, and then decide to share it with others? Nothing, but it will be damn hard to contain myself.

But, it just might be worth it.

Until next time xx










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