When a loved one has depression

He stands in solitary sadness, Observing the world outside the window, The shadow of his frail figure contrasts Against the deep ruby richness of the curtains.   A sharp tug and a thin shaft of light darts through, Quicker than he could ever move. Illuminating the whiteness of his hair, the sunken lines around his … Continue reading When a loved one has depression


The wacky world of Wynd

Tucked away on Mare Street in Hackney, is an inconspicuous little pub/museum-The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History. Behind its decorative grey front hides a vast collection of the wacky and weird. Step inside and be greeted by the gigantic stuffed tiger reclining on a nearby couch. For the reasonable fee … Continue reading The wacky world of Wynd