The web of life (no, not the internet)



I wrote this cluster for university as part of my creative writing module three years ago but just stumbled upon it now during a (much needed) deep clean of my room. For those not in the know, a cluster is when you write a word down and see what ideas/links spring forth. My initial reaction upon this discovery was ‘yuk spiders, can’t believe I ever wrote anything nice about spiders!’  But on a serious note, I was so touched by the rawness of the piece that I wanted to share it here. I’m also finding the message especially relevant due to my current unemployment situation (see last post) but hopefully this can be applied to every difficult situation one finds themselves in. After all, we’re all just struggling to get through the endless world wide web of life!
Spider cluster

She thought it might put things in perspective, watching how the spiders form their intricate webs. The painstaking amount of time and care put into forming these creations is ‘an inspiration to us all’ she said. ‘But you barely ever see a perfect web!’ I argued. ‘So many are half finished or destroyed by careless human hands!’
‘That is true,’ she replied. ‘But does the spider ever falter or give up its work? It would make sense to. All that time, energy, devotion poured into that one web. But if it happens to get destroyed, the spider merely picks itself up and creates another web. And another.’
‘And that,’  the therapist said softly, leaning forward with pen in hand, ‘that alone is an inspiration to us all.’


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